I don't speak about it much, but I actually have a very high interest in music! I wanted to make a page to talk about some of my favorite composers and just general music thoughts.

I've played many instruments since I was very young! Namely I can play: piano, piano-accordian, acoustic/electric guitar and violin. My main instrument was the piano-accordian and I partook in many competitions growing up so I have a decent amount of medals and trophies accumulated from over the years.
I also have a small midi keyboard and have composed my own original music, though as music is not my primary creative outlet like art I have not done a lot and rarely upload them online. Maybe I'll edit this another time to include some.

I like all genres of music, my rule has always been that if it sounds good I don't care what genre it is.
But my favourite genres are probably metal, nu-metal and classical. I am also a huge fan of the vocaloid scene and have many favorite composers!

First, I'll talk about some of my favourite mainstream music - so in this case, nu-metal and metal (though I'd be hardpressed to say this genre is alive whatsoever in the public eye in the current day and age...)