Right now, I am taking Sonic characters (official and fancharacters) only.

Single character is €30

Double character is €45

※These commissions are for non-commericial use only
※Depending on current queue, image turnover can take several weeks. Please be patient and allow 2 weeks for initial sketch. If you are in urgent need of it being made for a specific date (birthday etc), please let me know and I will accomodate you the best I can. If needed straight away, I can do this for an additional fee.
※I take breaks to work on personal work in between my commission queue as it ensures I don't burnout and produce bad work for you. Please don't panic if you see art uploaded to my account when you are waiting on a commission, this is genuinely my method of quality control.
※After the sketch phase, no further alterations can be allowed.
※You are paying for a simple plain color background, I am not offering detailed backgrounds at this time.
※If the character design is very detailed and complicated, an extra charge will have to be added (depending on the level of complexity).

I won't draw:
※Gore (mild blood is ok)
※Romantic images involving pairing of a child coded and adult coded character (Sonic & Tails etc)
※Mecha, Armor, Furry etc

Please provide your username (e.g. 43719x on twitter), email (to send a paypal invoice to), image of the character, image reference of the pose you want, and any other details that are necessary (if any).

Fill out this form in the following format;

Character image(s):
Pose reference(s):
Anything else:

Please send this to: rellyiamail☆gmail.com (☆→@)

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